It was worth it!

You need to renovate.  You dread it.  We get it.

When faced with a large home renovation project and an even longer wish list we help homeowners sort through the lists and create a plan.  No two plans are the same, let’s talk about what makes the most sense for your project based upon needs, wants and budgets.

Cindy and her team offer complimentary consultations for home renovation projects, large and small. From updating your bathrooms and kitchens to total home renovations Lakehouse Outfitters has become known for their talent and accountability. Often when working with homeowners, the scope of our services range from assistance with design all the way to project management. Project management for clients who are living and working several hours away while attempting to renovate their second home. Having Lakehouse Outfitters’ boots on the ground, can save costly mistakes and keep contractors on schedule and accountable to the project.

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