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Southern Living Lake House 101
Posted On: 06/28/2011
This weekend as you're sipping ice tea from the swing on your front porch, be sure this month's Southern Living Magazine is near by. You'll want to check out the article on page 88 where you'll find six pages of inspiration from Designer Meg Braff as she shares her look and her "tricks" in turning her 1960's lake house into a chic, functional get-away. We especially appreciated her perspective and crash coarse in Lake House 101 with the following tips. . .

1. Rattan and wicker play up the whole back-to nature feel and work well in a lake house.

2. Indoor-outdoor rugs are typically colorful, casual, durable and relatively inexpensive. Use them in every room.

3. Keep you designs simple and cheerful. You want to feel that you can sit anywhere in a wet bathing suit and walk around barefoot!

4. Don't over look outdoor spaces. They are just as important as the interior. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is a bonus.

5. Every lake house in the south should have ceiling fans.

6. And Meg's go to paint color of choice: White Dove by Benjamin Moore. Walls and Trim.

Inspiration is everywhere...especially on these pages. Her photos will have you calling the real estate agent and heading to the lake this weekend!
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Posted On: 02/28/2016
Geee ... all I know is I'm Taurus thru and thru, so I'd hate to get confused by hviang a whole new sign! LOL! I did see this on my msn though. You gotta let me know what you find out.
Posted On: 05/06/2012
I saw a cute hammock swing at Canton today and went to your website but didn't see it. I wanted to show it ot my husband. DO you have a link?
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