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Lake Lush Foam Beverage Cups  - by the sleeve
Lake Lush Foam Beverage Cups - by the sleeve
DOTS Decorated All Sides
Also Available - Boat Booze
Lake Lush Foam Beverage Cups - by the sleeve
Product SKU : Sleeve Lush
Price : $8.00
Freight Charges : $4.00
Product Status : Out of Stock

Shipping : This product will be shipped within 3-5 business days.
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Now offered by the sleeve!  Each sleeve of 10 cups is tied with a festive ribbon to compliment the cup design.  Great Gift Items!

Design and colors as shown - Lake Lush with Dots

Cups are 16 oz foam beverage cups - ideal for keeping drinks cold on hot summer days.

Due to the material used (styrofoam) scratching can occur during shipment. Styrofoam is a very soft material and though the cups are protected, slight scratching may occur in transit. Most of the time my cups arrive without issue but if there are a few in your bunch that have slight scratches unfortunately there is nothing we can do because the material is so pliable.

These are fragile and will ship separate from other items as to prevent crushing, therefore you will see a small additional freight charge in addition to shipping to cover special shipping and handling of this item.




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