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Bum Floats
Bum Floats
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Bum Floats
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As most lake dwellers know, an upside-down life jacket makes a pretty cool float. Problem is, life jackets aren’t designed to be worn upside-down. They don’t fit quite right, they chafe the legs, and they’re just generally uncomfortable.

The BumFloat offers complete range of motion of both arms and legs. 4 adjustable straps give you a perfect fit and float. Available in 2 sizes.

BumFloats are made of quality materials including:

EVA foam

The BumFloat is perfect for lakes, relaxed oceans, pools, and just about anywhere else you’ll find a calm water hangout spot. Throw ‘em in the boat, stack ‘em in the boathouse, sport ‘em at the pool, bring ‘em on vacation.

It’s important to note, BumFloats are not certified by the Coast Guard or any other agency for that matter. It is not a life jacket or a life saving device in any form or fashion. So please be careful out there and use your brain when you use your BumFloat.

See you in the water!



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